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Life is always better in the water.


I am passionate about teaching others how to be successful and how to safely fish Utah's rivers and still-water. I love showing what great resources we have and how we can protect the great opportunities we have here in Utah. New to the sport or experienced a day out on the water with Utah Fly Co. you will always learn something and catch a few fish along the way.



I am a Utah native and U.S. Army Veteran and have had a passion for chasing all kinds of fish with a fly rod. Currently working full time at Fly Fish Food in Orem, UT. When I am not on the water I am most likely tying flies or spending time with my two kids. Fly-fishing guide since 2018 and have loved all the experiences I have had teaching others. I love to teach experienced anglers and newcomers. Primarily focused on competition style techniques but love teaching all styles and techniques to be successful out on the water.

Cade Moore

Cade Moore

Fly-fishing Guide

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